International Students Scholarship of Jiangsu Normal University

‘International Students Scholarship ofJiangsu Normal University’ is established by Jiangsu Normal University, aimingto attract more oversea students to study in Jiangsu Normal University,encourage them to be absorbed in study.

(1) Sponsoring target and standard

① ‘Degree education outstanding studentresource scholarship’ sponsors the new international students who have beenenrolled in school, which set up first and second prizes, the amounts are100% and 50% tuition fee of first academic year separately. The number dependson the annual student resource.

② ‘Outstanding undergraduate studentscholarship’ sponsors undergraduates who own excellency in character andlearning.

Category of Scholarship

(RMB/each semester/per person)

First-class scholarship

100% of tuition in next academic year

Second-class scholarship

50% of tuition in next academic year

Third-class scholarship

one third of tuition in next academic year

(3) ‘Outstanding Chineselanguage student scholarship’ sponsors the international students who studyChinese in university.

Category of Scholarship

(RMB/each semester/per person)

First-class  scholarship


Second-class  scholarship


Third-class  scholarship


Scholarship for full  attendance


(2) Application condition

① Applicants musthold foreign passports, are friendly to China and are in good health;

② Applicants shouldbe well-performing and not engaged in illegal activities thatagainst laws of Chinese Government or regulations of university.

③ Applicants arehard-working and have good grades.

④ Applicants cannotreceive different types of scholarships from different government officials atall levels in China at same time.