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  Jiangsu Normal University, founded in 1952,is located in the historically and culturally significant city of Xuzhou. It issupervised by the Jiangsu provincial government and Central Ministry ofEducation.

  Jiangsu Normal University currently has four campuses: Quanshan,Yunlong, Kuiyuan, Jiawang. The four campuses cover around 1215589.5 square meters with nearly one million square meters of building space. The university has fixedassets totaling 1.223 billionYuan with 394 million Yuan of teaching and research equipment. Thelibrary system contains 2.49 million volumes. The university also has 3 experimental programs, 22 specialty schools, the Teachers' Education School,Further Education School, International College and Kewen Institute. The university offers 1 doctor's program, 1 post doctoral research station, 26 master programs and 87 undergraduate majors, covering 11 discipline categories.Currently, the university has over 16,758 full-time undergraduate students and more than 2,379 postgraduates. With over 60 years' development, Jiangsu NormalUniversity has become a comprehensive teaching research university diverse inall its disciplines.