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Jiangsu Normal University (JSNU), a regional high-level university in Jiangsu province, is supervised by the Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu Provincial Government. Its origin could be dated back to 1952 and its name was changed into JSNU in 2011.

Located in Xuzhou, one of the most ancient cities in China with a history of over 5,000 years, JSNU has four campuses encompassing 136 hectares. With 22 specialty schools, it has successfully developed a diverse mix of disciplines in the fields of Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Public Administration and Fine Arts.

Currently, the university has over 18,000 full-time undergraduate students, more than 3,100 postgraduate students and around 700 international students. In terms of part-time students, there are 600 inactive graduate students, 12,000 adult students receiving higher education and 3,700 students working on their second degrees.

Immersed in a distinctive environment of humanity and culture, JSNU is now holding a leading position in teachers education with brilliant basic research, an integrated combination of literature, science and engineering and harmonious development of multi-disciplines. Its Chemistry and Engineering entered ESI top 1%, ranking the 54th in the 2017 Nature Index  among Chinese mainland universities, the 1220th in Best Global Universities and the 123rd in the Best Global Universities in China (U.S. News, 2018). Domestically, its comprehensive strength has been close to the top 100 universities among China.

With over 60-year of development, the number of its alumni has reached nearly 200,000. Many of them are playing important roles in the fields of politics, economics, culture, science and technology and education and achieved great accomplishments.

Being one of the first among universities authorized to receive international students, JSNU has established friendly relationships with over 69 universities in UK, USA, Australia, Russia and other countries. Students from over 46 countries and regions come to JSNU for advanced education. In 2016, Ministry of Education approved the establishment of “The Joint Engineering College of St. Petersburg Emperor Peter University of Technology and Engineering, JSNU” (JSNU-SPbPU Institute of Engineering), which was the first non-independent legal entity for Sino-foreign jointly-running school in China.

The motto of JSNU is 崇德厚学,励志敏行(chong de hou xue, li zhi min xing), which English version is Virtue, Knowledge, Ambition and Action.

The spirit in new era is 守正出新,坚志勇为(shou zheng chu xin, jian zhi yong wei), which English version is Integrity, Innovation, Principle and Practice.

Therefore, in the future, JSNU will adhere to its motto and spirit and devote itself to cultivating talents, spreading knowledge, advocating culture and serving society.