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Recruitment Procedure for Foreign Experts

I.Basic Requirements

1) Any healthy applicant who applies for JSNU post should observeChinese laws and regulations, and can submit a record of no criminal.

2)  The applicant mustbe under the age of sixty, and is able to submit healthy medical report;

3)  The applicantmust bear a master’s degree or above, and is able to provide with a referenceof 2-year related working experience.

II.Salary and Subsidies

1) Salary for linguisticprograms: 6,000 Yuan (Master) or 6,500 Yuan (Doctor) per month;

2) Salary for non-linguistic programs: 8000-10000 Yuan (Master), or 10000-15000 Yuan (Doctor) permonth;

3) A subsidy of 6,000-10,000 Yuan for international roundair-tickets per year;

4) Insurance for health and accidental casualties in theduration of contract in China’s mainland;

5) Free accommodation: all facilities in the teacher’s studioare free for use, including furniture, WIFI and broadband network,air-conditioner, water and electricity.

The average workload is 16 class hours (1 class hour= 40minutes) per week. The salary will be paid by 10 installments during the lastfive days each month for the duration of the contracting period (Employees willget an incentive of two month salary if a renewed contract is signed.). Employeesshall be provided accommodation subsidy each month if they hope to live offcampus; Employees shall be provided air ticket subsidy, Chinese mainlandaccidental and medical insurance during the contracting period

III.Documents for Application (in Chinese language)

1)  Colorfulphotocopy of the first page of the passport (photo)

2)  Bareheaded phototaken in 6 months (40mm*30mm)

3)  Resume (inChinese version)

4)  Medical report (fromthe hospital accredited by Embassy of the People's Republic of China, China Entry-exitInspection And Quarantine Bureau, and provide a notarization in Chineseversion)

5)  Certificate of nocriminal record (the notarization in Chinese version from the Embassy of thePeople's Republic of China, and issued by the permanent residence policestation)

6) Highest degree certificate (the notarization in Chinese versionfrom the Embassy of the People's Republic of China)

7) Recommendation letter (It is written in Chinese languageand the letter should make a reference to you for the application of post atJiangsu Normal University)