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JSNU at a Glance

Jiangsu Normal University (JSNU), locatedin Xuzhou, is a regional leading university that is supervised by the Ministryof Education and the Jiangsu Provincial Government. Its origin can be dated to1952 with the establishment of the Southern Jiangsu Region Retired MilitaryOfficers' Training School. The university’s name was changed into JSNU in 2011.


Campus and Schools

JSNU currently has four campuses: Quanshan,Yunlong, Kuiyuan and Jiawang. The four campuses encompass an area of around1,365,000 square meters with school buildings covering nearly one millionsquare meters of floor space. The university has fixed assets totaling 1.223billion Yuan with 520 million Yuan of teaching and research equipment. Thelibrary system contains 2.79 million volumes. The university consists of 22specialty schools including CW Chu College, Further Education School,International College, Kewen College, and the first China-Russia joint-runninginstitute, JSNU-SPbPU Institute of Engineering and Jiangsu Normal University.


Disciplines and Specialties

The university offers 1 doctoral program, 1post-doctoral research station, 28 masters programs and 68 undergraduatemajors, covering 11 discipline categories. Among the Master’s programs offeredat JSNU are Education, Physical Education, International Education of Chinese,Fine Arts, Interpreting and Translation, Engineering, Law, PublicAdministration. Currently, the university has over 20,000 full-timeundergraduate students and more than 3,000 postgraduates. With over 60 years’development, JSNU has become a comprehensive teaching and research universitydiverse in all its discipline.


International Exchange and Cooperation

The university was one of the firstuniversities to open up to the outside world, establishing friendlyrelationships with over 58 universities in UK, USA, Australia, Russia and othercountries. International students from over 26 countries have come to JSNU forfurther education. JSNU has established Confucius Institutes with twouniversities in USA and Australia. Our Confucius Institute at Miami DadeCollege has been awarded Global Outstanding Confucius Institute.

 InMalaysia, JSNU founded the first overseas Mencius Institute. It has carried outprojects of joint programs with universities in USA, Australia, Japan, Russia,and Belarus among others. It also launched teacher and staff training eventswith Harvard University, The University of Hong Kong and other major internationaluniversities. Since its foundation, JSNU has graduated 180,000 alumni, many ofwhom have played important roles in political, economic, cultural,technological and educational fields at home and abroad.

HuaGuihong, Secretary of JSNU Committee of CPC, at the Opening Ceremony ofJSNU-SPbPU Joint Engineering Institute

Faculty and Staff

The university is deeply committed topromoting educational and teaching reform in order to improve the quality of instruction.The number of JSNU’s full-time teacher totals 1,469. It has 269 professors (48doctoral supervisors) and 582 associate professors. Teachers, who hold PhDs,account for 50.6% of the faculty and those who have studied overseas, accountfor 37.6%. JSNU pays careful attention to discipline construction andscientific research. The university has 6 provincial predominant disciplinesand 12 provincial key disciplines. Its Chemistry Discipline ranks steadily Top1% on ESI.

RenownedChemistry Professor Tu Shujiang