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The predecessor of Jiangsu NormalUniversity was founded as the Southern Jiangsu Regional Retired MilitaryOfficer’s in 1952 in Wuxi. Its first president was Lieutenant General Liu XianSheng. Later, this school was renamed the Jiangsu Middle School Teacher’sTraining School.  Then, in 1957, theschool was renamed Jiangsu Normal Junior College. The college then moved northto Xuzhou where it merged with Xuzhou Normal Junior College. The newly combinedinstitution became Xuzhou Normal College, then the only undergraduate collegein Northern Jiangsu Province.

After the distribution of China’s collegesand universities were adjusted in the early 1960s, our institution becamerooted in Xuzhou. Premier Zhou En Lai observed, “Xuzhou covers a large area; itis necessary to have a university here.” Since then we have, with painstakingeffort, developed step by step.

In 1996, the college became Xuzhou NormalUniversity. In 1999, the university merged with Xuzhou Industrial School whichhad been under the auspices of the Ministry of Coal Management. Finally, in2011, the Ministry of Education approved that Xuzhou Normal University was tobecome Jiangsu Normal University.