The 2nd “President’s Cup” National Games and the 14th “Green Cup” College Student Football Competition of JSNU


From April 14th to 29th, the 2nd “President’s Cup” National Games and the 14th “Green Cup” College Football Competition of Jiangsu Normal University came to asuccessful end after 15 days, 8 rounds and 44 intense competitions.

The college football competition was the first match of the 2nd “President’s Cup”National Games in JSNU, which was highly valued and widely participated in by all departments. A total of 18 men’s football teams took part in the competition. Huang Junwei, Vice President of JSNU, kicked off the football match specially for this time.

The athletes demonstrated the infinite charm and passion of football during the competition. With exquisite footwork, perfect dribbling, sharp shooting and wonderful cooperation, the game was pushed to a climax one after another. The athletes carried forward their style and gave full play to their level, bringing the audience a very rare visual and spiritual enjoyment.

International College, School of Education Intelligent Technology, Sino-Russian Institute, School of Physics and Electronic Engineering, School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, School of History, Culture and Tourism, and Law School won the Top Eight in this competition. School of Education Science, School of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Sino-Russian Institute, School of Mathematics and Statistics won the award of “Sports Ethics Team”. Qian Jingyu and 35 other students won the award of “Sportsmanship”. Guo Fang and 22 other students won the award of “Excellent Referees”.

After the game, the award ceremony was held. The relevant leaders of the school sports committee attended the award ceremony and presented awards to the winners.

The football competition not only enriched after-school activities, but also strengthened the communication between departments and students. This game let the students carry forward the spirit of hard work, and enhance the team consciousness and cohesion. Also, it let the students know that persistence is a spiritual belief which will give unlimited power to pursue dreams.