The “Top Ten Classes” of Jiangsu Normal University in 2020 Held


On the evening of April 2nd, the selection of “Top Ten Classes” of Jiangsu Normal University in 2020 was held. 23 undergraduate classes participated in the event. Professor Liu Guangdeng, Vice Party Secretary of CPC JSNU Committee and Vice President of JSNU, Ma Zhiyou, Member of CPC JSNU Committee and Minister of the Organization Department of JSNU, responsible members of relevant departments, counselors and student representatives served as judges. More than 400 people, including deputy secretaries, counselors, head teachers and student representatives, attended the event.

The 23 classes recommended by schools and colleges reported and presented invarious forms, such as recitation, sitcoms and songs, and dances. The activity showed the outstanding achievements and characteristics of class construction, the vigor and positive spirit of students, and also highlighted the innovative measures and remarkable results of each school or college in student educationand training. At the same time, the “Top Ten Classes” selection also provided a good opportunity for each school and class to learn from each other and make common progress in the aspects of learning atmosphere construction and student education management. 

The selection of “Top Ten Classes” is one of the important contents of “learning atmosphere construction leading project” in JSNU, aiming at creating positive class atmosphere and learning atmosphere, enhancing the collective sense of honor of college students, and giving full play to the role of example leading and demonstrating. The selection work consists of four parts: evaluation index, observation index, material evaluation and on-site display. It focuses on the basic construction and process management of the class.