Xuzhou awarded the UN Habitat Environment Award


After the rigorously review and screen from a jury of UN-Habitat officials and experts, Xuzhou has been awarded the UN Habitat Award with a comprehensive score leading the global for its outstanding contribution to improving the living environment for its residents through initiatives such as the continuous strengthening of ecological remediation and solid waste treatment. In recent years, Xuzhou attaches great importance to the improvement of human settlements around the overall goal of "To construct beautiful Xuzhou, and to create ecological livable environment", accelerates the creation of human environment settlement, constantly strengthens the ecological environment protection and repair, and vigorously carries out the restoration of collapse, the treatment of quarrying hole, so as to create a national precedent and form a unique Xuzhou model. In the construction of human environment settlement, Xuzhou vigorously promotes a series of key projects, including urban roads, sewage treatment facilities, solid waste treatment and urban water supply, heating, gas, security housing construction, and focuses on building low-rent housing, public rental housing, relocation housing lease subsidy and other forms of affordable housing system. We are fully committed to building an ecologically livable city.