JSNU’s Sanda Team Achieves Great Results in the 8th Chinese College Students Wushu Sanda Championship


From May 19th to May 24th, the  8th Chinese College Students Wushu Sanda Championship (Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D) and the 1st Asian College Students Wushu Championship and Trials kicked off in Qian’an, Hebei Province.

The event is hosted by the Chinese Student Sports Federation and implemented by the Wushu Branch of the Chinese Student Sports Federation. In China, it’s an annual championship at the highest level for Wushu Sanda among college students, a big game with international influence, and trials for two international events. More than 1,300 Wushu Sanda athletes from 165 colleges and universities across the country gathered here. The coach of JSNU’s Sanda team, Jin Xiaofei, led the team, which has 7 athletes including Sun Yang, Yuan Lu, Zhang Chengcheng, Zhao Shuai, Wei Yonglin, Gao Kang, and Fu Chenghao to participated in the competition. Finally, they won 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal, and finished fifth for 4 times. Sun Yang won the first place in Group C-A (51kg) , Zhang Chengcheng won the second place in Group C-B (100kg), Yuan Lu won the fifth place in Group C-A (57kg), Gao Kang won the fifth place in Group C-A (60kg), Zhao Shuai won the fifth place in Group C-A (62kg), and Wei Yonglin won the fifth place in Group D (80kg).

The championship is one of the highest-level competitions for college students in China, with many participating colleges and universities and a large number of participants, including professional athletes from professional teams. JSNU’s team members used their superb martial arts skills to complete the competition perfectly.