School of Geography, Geomatics and Planning


School of Geography, Geomatics and Planning was established in January, 2016. It is combined by the former School of Urban and Environmental Science and School of Geodesy and Geomatics. Its predecessor is History and Geography Section founded in 1956. Over 60 years’ development, especially the recent decade’s development, the school has achieved considerable development in terms of discipline construction, faculty building, talent cultivation, scientific research, social service and international exchange & cooperation. It is a school with a long history and strong comprehensive strength.

We offer master programs of Geography, Applied Economics and Surveying & Mapping. We also offer a professional master program of Teaching (Geography). There are three provincial key disciplines, namely, Regional Economics (2008), Applied Economics (2011) and Surveying & Mapping (2016). In 2014, new urbanization development was approved to be Jiangsu key discipline. Besides, we have 9 undergraduate programs, including Geography Science (teacher-training), geographic information science, urban and rural planning, environmental science, landscape architecture, engineering of Surveying and mapping, land resource management, remote sensing science and technology and the architecture. At present, we have over 200 full-time graduate students and 1,400 undergraduate students.

The faculty is full of passion, ambition and has high academic qualifications. The number totals 112, including 94 full-time teachers. There are 6 doctoral supervisors, 28 professors34 associate professors and 43 master supervisors. Over 69% of them have doctor degrees, 25% of them have overseas studying experience. One teacher enjoys Special government allowances of the State Council and is the candidate of Hundred-Talent Program (Chinese Academy of Sciences). More than 15 are young and mid-aged academic leaders or core teachers of Jiangsu Innovation Project, young experts with outstanding contributions and candidates of Jiangsu “333” Project. Our “regional policy and regional coordinated development” research team is an outstanding innovation team of philosophy and social sciences in Jiangsu.

We carry out educational and teaching reform in order to improve the quality of talent cultivation. In our 60-years’ history, we have cultivated many Geography teachers for middle schools and sent lots of professional talents to fields like Real Estate, Surveying & Mapping and Environmental Protection. In recent years, our students have won 3 second prizes in “Challenge Cup”, over 20 prizes in National Vocational Skills Competition. They even have hosted 50 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship training projects. The employment rate of undergraduatestudents goes beyond 98%, and the rate of graduate students reaches 100%.

In terms of scientific research, we pay equal attention to theory and application. On one hand, we focus on the frontier of related subjects and positively explore ways of innovation, forming research characteristics in geographic comprehensive research in Northern Jiangsu and Huaihai Economic Area. On the other hand, we provide technical and intellectual service for local economic & social development through policy-making consulting and technical services. In recent 5 years, we have made a series of teaching and academic achievements: 1 key project of National Social Science Fund, 34 projects of National Natural Science Fund, 2 sub-projects of National 863 Project and 1 sub-project of National Social Science Fund Bidding Project. Our teachers have hosted more than 20 projects at ministerial and provincial level, 40 projects at provincial-department level. Over 700 papers have been published on academic journals at different levels.

In terms of laboratory construction, we have achieved rapid development as well. At present, there are 3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers. Its Regional Resource Environment System Simulation Laboratory is a key lab supported jointly by the local governmentand the central government. There are also Natural Geography Experimental Center, planetarium, Geographic Information system Laboratory, Ecological Restoration and Environmental Construction Teaching Laboratory (construction project supported by central government) and so on. The experimental conditions can meet the experimental items stipulated in the syllabus and provide a basic guarantee for carrying out scientific research and training students’ practical ability.

In terms of public services, we actively participate in local economic and social development.   The school has constructed a provincial government decision consulting research base, aiming at the local social and economic issues, and actively studying on decision - making consultation. In the past five years, the school has undertaken more than 100 projects entrusted by the local government and enterprises with nearly 15 million funding. Professor Han Baoping and Shen Zhengping are engaged as counselors of the municipal government and make achievements in building a new think tank for local development.

In terms of exchange and cooperation, we positively set up various academic communication platforms, encourage teachers and students to take part in activities at home and abroad. In recent 5 years, we have held many academic conferences like “2014 China Spatial Economy Annual and Urban & Rural Regional Innovative Development Symposium”, “Jiangsu Philosophy Social Science 8th Academic Conference, Highlight ‘Northern Jiangsu New-type Urbanization Strategy and Key Solutions’ Session”, “The 14th National Regional Economics Discipline Construction and “13th Five-Year” Plan Period Economic Development Strategy Symposium” and “Jiangsu Geographical Association 2016 Symposium”. We select and appoint representatives of teachers and students to take part in domestic and international academic conferences, make keynote speeches, winning high recognition and social reputation.

At present, we will keep our spirit of pioneering and innovation, enhance our connotation and fight for establishing a high-level and application-oriented school with distinctive characteristics.