School of Education Science


School of Education Science (College of Teacher Education) is a professional school in our university which embodies the university’s characteristics of teacher education. Its predecessor was Education Science Teaching and Researching Office established in 1959. Then the Department of Education was set up in 1998 and School of Education Science was founded in 2003. In order to deepen reform of teachers’ education, build teachers’ education brand and explore the new mode of post-training, JSNU integrated related resources and established College of Teacher Education in September, 2012. College of Teacher Education and School of Education Science combined with each other in January, 2016.

Famous professor Liu Baichuan and Psychologist Prof. Zhang Huanting once taught in our school. The number of our faculty and staff totals 80, including 5 in affiliated schools. We have 61 full-time teachers, including 14 professors, 24 associated professors. 21 of our teachers have doctorates and 5 of them are doctor candidates. Above 80.32% of full-time teacher have master degrees. Among them, 1 is member of College and University Education Guidance Committee of Ministry of Education. 6 are second- and third-level candidates of Jiangsu Province 333 Project. 4 are selected as academic leaders and core teachers of Jiangsu Innovative Project. 4 are Outstanding Supervisors of Master of Education. 1 won Jiangsu Provincial Labor Medal.

The school has several divisions and institutes, which are Department of Pedagogy, Department of Psychology, Department of Preschool Education, Teaching & Researching Department of Middle School Arts, Teaching & Researching Department of Middle School Sciences, Experimental Teaching Center, Education Science Institute, Psychological Science Institute, Preschool Education Institute, Higher Education Institute and Primary Education Researching Center and so on. We offer three programs of study at undergraduate degree level, BA Primary Education, BA Preschool Education and BA Applied Psychology and offer several programs of study at graduate degree level, MA Education Science (first level discipline), MA Basic Psychology, MA Educational Economy and Management and MA (professional) Education Management, MA (professional) Primary Education and MA (professional) Preschool Education, etc. Education Science (first level discipline) is Jiangsu Provincial Predominant Key Discipline. Primary Education and Preschool Education are Jiangsu Provincial Key Majors. Primary Education undertakes Jiangsu Provincial Outstanding Primary School Teacher Training Project. We have 895 full-time undergraduate students, 387 graduate students and about 300 registered students of continuing education.

The whole school has a profound academic atmosphere, and has achieved adequate research results since JSNU 12th Five-year Plan. Over 20 works have been published and 300 papers are on core academic journals. It is also undertaking over 40 national, ministerial and provincial research projects.

Based on the Talent Cultivate Policy of “solid professional foundation, strong practical ability, high comprehensive ability and outstanding innovative character”, the school takes the market demand as the guidance, strives for the survival by the quality, develops by the features, and carries out the implement of Outstanding Talentcultivate Policy to cultivate academic talents, compound application talent, international talent, and to construct quality education.