School of Marxism Studies


The predecessor of School of Marxism Studies of Jiangsu Normal University is Marxism-Leninism Teaching and Research Section of Xuzhou Normal University.

In 1983, Department of Political Education was established. In 1991, Social Science Division (Marxism-Leninism Division) separated from the department, subordinating directly to the university and later combined with College of Law and Political Science in 2006.

In 2010, it was approved to offer M.A. in Marxist Theory, which was a strategic development of the school.

In order to carry out the idea of strengthening university students’ ideological and political education, School of Marxism Studies was established in 2011, undertaking teaching and researching work of ideological and political education for undergraduate and graduate students, constructing Marxism studies discipline and cultivating graduate students in Marxist Theory.

There are 5 teaching and researching department and 1 university-level researching institute in the school, which is the Localization of Marxism Studies Researching Center.

The total number of our faculty and staff is nearly 40, including 5 professors, over 20 associate professors. Among them, 10 have Ph.D., 1 is the academic leader of Jiangsu Provincial Innovative Project and 3 are outstanding young teachers of Jiangsu Provincial Innovative Project.

The whole school is embraced by a dense academic atmosphere with strong research strength and excellent teaching performance. In recent years, we have undertaken over 20 projects supported by national funds, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Justice.

A large number of our research achievements have been awarded at different levels and over 50 papers have been published in authoritative journals and CSSCI journals in recent 5 years, producing positive social influence.