Law School


Law School of Jiangsu Normal University, established in 2016, is a newly-built one, whose predecessor is the Law Department of the former College of Law and Political Science. The school has 31 full-time teachers, including 8 professors and 18 associate professors. 17 of them have doctoral degrees. 13 of them have study experience in world famous Law Schools. And 19 of them are master supervisors.

We offer bachelor, master and professional master degree programs of Law. Our faculty members are devoted, qualified and experienced teachers with adequate practical experience and research capability.

Based on platforms of JSNU Legal Aid Center and Legal Clinic Teaching Research Center, the faculty has carried out distinctive teaching activities and undertaken hundreds of cases. Ourteachers have hosted 9 national social science fund projects and over 20 ministerial-provincial projects. Now, several provincial research centers have been established, including Research Base of Rural Social Governance Innovation in Northern Jiangsu Province, Research Center of Han-tibet Legal Culture and Constitutional Strategy, Huaihai Case Justice Research center, etc. The development strategy of “based on Northern Jiangsu, focusing on Jiangsu Province and Huaihai Economic Zone, facing the whole country and connecting with the international community” has been preliminarily established.

The following items are development objectives during “13th Five-Year Plan”.

1). Construct distinctive legal talents cultivation bases.

2). Try to be listed in Top 100 Law Major among China’s universities in terms of academic level and talents cultivation. Continue to strengthen our characteristics and form national influence.

3). Develop into an importance force forregional balance of legal talents in Jiangsu. Try to be approved as the second batch of provincial high-level legal education platform.

The newly-established Law School will adhere to the spirit of “invigorating the school with talents”, make full use of JSNU’s “133” Talent Introduction Project (introduce more than 12 excellent doctors and 3 high-level professors in 3 years) and introduce legal experts as our distinguished professors.