School of Philosophy and Public Administration


School of Philosophy and Public Administration consists of the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Sociology and the Department of Politics and Administration,with55 teachers, 130 graduate students and 693 undergraduate students majoring in Philosophy, Social Work, Politics and Administration, Administrative Management, and Public Administration as well as adult education programs of Human Resources and Administrative Management. Among these majors, Philosophy and Public Administration are first-class disciplines and the History of CPC is second-class discipline, entitled to graduate education and to confer MPA master degree. The School has one national research base, one ministerial-provincial research base, one international academic research institute and over 10 university-level research institutes. Besides, it harbors one provincial-level and 3 municipal-level social science research association’s president unit or the secretariat.

The School has a faculty of 44 full-time teachers with high moral level, professional teaching skills, potent research ability, innovative spirit and strong sense of social responsibility,including 6 professors, 15 associate professors, which accounts for 48% of thetotal, and 22 doctorate degree holders or candidates, which accounts for 51% of the teachers.

Guided by the principles of “solid scientific research, good academic atmosphere and strong discipline construction”, after years of efforts, the School has achieved many fruitful achievements in discipline development and scientific research work. The faculty has either individually or cooperatively hosted quite a few national social science fund key projects or other provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects. For the past five years, nearly 100 projects were approved at national, provincial and municipal level, including 2 key national social science projects, 13 national social science fund general projects. Each year, more than 170 papers and works are published, totally more than 600 monographs and papers so far and many stand at the forefront of the related fields. Many teachers are the leaders in national or provincial academic organizations with over 30 academic achievements winning the national and provincial awards.

The School aims to foster talents with “first-class morality, professional qualification, out-standing practical skills, innovation capability” and forms its own educational characteristics.It has been awarded the title of “Out-standing Collective of College Students Social Practice” by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Publicity, Provincial Education Office, Youth League Committee and Provincial University Union in the past eight years. The 2004 undergraduate class of social work was awarded by the Ministry of education, the CYL Central Committee jointly as“National Out-standing Collective”. The School’s achievements have been reported by People’s Daily, China Education Daily, Guangming Daily, China Youth, Xinhua Daily, Xuzhou Daily and many other media.