School of History, Culture and Tourism


School of History, Culture and Tourism originates from the History and Geography Section of Jiangsu Provincial Middle School Teachers’ Training Class established in 1956. In 1978, the Department of History was set up, which was one of the earliest history undergraduate programs in Jiangsu Province. In April, 2002, the department was renamed as Social Development School. In March, 2005, the School of History, Culture and Tourism was officially established.

The school sets up 3 departments, namely, History, Tourist Management (2002) and Culture Industry Management (2007). It offers 3 History first-level discipline master programs, Chinese History, World History and Archeology, as well as 1 second-level discipline master program, Tourism Public Administration. It also offers professional degree, which is Subject Teaching (History). The school is entitled to recommend students to be exempt from master entrance examination. There are two provincial key disciplines, Chinese History and World History. It has Theory Study Center for Overseas Chinese Affairs (State Council, Jiangsu Province), Research Center for Strategic and International Studies in universities of Jiangsu Province, Pakistan Research Center and Australian Research Center, etc. The school also acts as the national training center for excellent talents in tourism and hotel industry, and Jiangsu Province Tourism Training Base as well.

The number of faculty and staff totals 48, including 27 doctors, 5 doctor candidates. 15 professors, 15 associate professors and 28 lecturers are engaged in teaching. There are 8 young and mid-aged academic leaders from “333 trans-century high-level talent project” and “higher education innovation project”. More than 10 of them hold the posts of the vice chairman or executive member of national or provincial academic society. In recent years, more than 10 teachers have been to other countries or districts such as the U.S.A, U.K, Australia and Taiwan District for further study. Since 2011, this school has achieved a lot in research field, 20 projects approved by national social science fund, 6 approved by national natural science fund, 18 provincial and ministerial level projects and 9 provincial and ministerial level prizes, 9 works and nearly 400 research papers have been published.

There are 586 full-time undergraduate and 116 graduates at present in the school. It sets up substantial cooperation with high-level universities in Australia, Taiwan District, Thailand and other countries (districts).

This school owns relics chamber, simulated guest room, simulated restaurant, 3-D simulated guide laboratory and other teaching facilities. We have 93 educational practice bases across the country, 29 non-normal teaching practice bases. The passing rates of CET4, CET6, the master entrance examination and the NCRE of the school rank highest in JSNU. The school has been awarded by JSNU as “Innovative Achievement Presentation Outstanding Organization Award” for four times, and “MCA Making Competition Outstanding Organization Award”. The summer social practice activities have been praised by CCYL and Jiangsu Youth League Committee.

Undergraduate of this school have hosted over 20 national and provincial projects of university students’ entrepreneurship and innovation training projects. Several students have won the First Prizes in National Normal Universities History Education Major Undergraduate Teaching Skills Competition and Jiangsu Normal History Education Students Teaching Skills Competition. There are a number of undergraduates’ theses have obtained provincial excellent graduation thesis.

The employment rate remained above 95%. Over the years, more than 200 students have been enrolled by key universities achieving master or doctor degree. Lots of our graduates have become senior teachers, doctoral supervisors in key universities, managers in brand hotels or scenic areas, leaders in cultural administrative institutes and academic leaders in universities.

At the new starting point, all the teachers and students will continue to carry forward JSNU’s tradition of “Integrity, Innovation, Principle and Practice”, forge ahead to build mature academic system, form research fields with characteristics and produce regional cultural achievements. We will continue to carry out the “tutorial system” in undergraduate education, strengthening the training of application-oriented talents. Meanwhile we will integrate teaching resources on the base of national characteristic major - history major and strive for establishing a teaching-research-oriented school!

History (Teacher-training)

This program aims to train students to become history teachers in key schools, universities and colleges. It also intends to shape students into interdisciplinary talents dealing with museum. Students are expected to be teachers in middle schools, higher vocational colleges and universities, or to be workers of museum and civil servants.

It is Jiangsu Universities First Batch of History Brand Major, National Universities History First Class Characteristic Major Educating Unit and Jiangsu History Key Major. Chinese History and World History are Jiangsu Provincial first level key disciplines respectively. The main three subjects of History are all Provincial Outstanding Courses. Ancient Chinese History and World History are Provincial Excellent Courses.

Graduates mostly work in middle schools, higher vocational schools, colleges, universities, museums and departments of governments. In 2016, 44% of our students became postgraduate students of "985", "211" universities. At present, nearly 70% of core History teachers are our graduates in Northern Jiangsu Province.

Tourist Management

This program provides students with theories of modern management and professional knowledge of systematic tourist management. Students are offered trainings of career plans, internship practices and international exchanges. It intends to shape students into interdisciplinary talents with innovative capabilities.

In 2009, Tourist Management was awarded “Training Base for Excellent Talents of National Tourism and Hotel Industry” by Ministry of Education. In 2013, it was approved to become first batch of Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Training Base. Our faculty has a high level comparing to its counterparts in Jiangsu province. In recent 5 years, professional teachers have hosted 5 national research projects. This major insists running openly. Over 20 famous enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Suzhou have signed contracts of internship and employment bases. “Students oriented” is our idea. We conduct “352 Mode” in cultivating students, carrying out innovative capability training, career planning, internship practice and thesis guidance.

Culture Industry Management

This program intends to shape students into interdisciplinary talents with broad cultural vision, great cultural competence, keen market awareness and solid job skills. Students are expected to work in cultural departments of local government, public institutions, or to be planners of cultural enterprises engaged in managing cultural market, planning cultural project, developing cultural product and creating cultural activities.

In 2007, this major was approved as the first Cultural Management Undergraduate Major by Ministry of Education. Now, it is Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education "12th Five-Year Plan" Key Supporting Major. The quality of our major has a great reputation in home and abroad. We undertook National Cultural Management Discipline Construction Joint Conference. Omnijoi Film Group, Enlight Media and other famous cultural enterprises are our internship bases. We will select excellent students to go to Yuan Ze University in Taiwan District for exchange.

Students are expected to work in tourist enterprises and academic institutions engaged in managing, planning, consulting, teaching and researching, etc.

At the same time, lots of graduates have been enrolled by Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, Central South University and other famous universities for master degrees.