School of Chinese Language and Literature


School of Chinese Language and Literature at Jiangsu Normal University has grown from Department of Chinese, one of the earliest departments of Xuzhou Teachers College. The school was home to many prestigious professors and scholars, such as Liao Xudong, Wu Benxing, Wang Jinshan, Jiang Tingyao, Gu Defu and Wu Ruyu etc. In 2014, the Chinese Literature discipline of this school ranked No. 22 in a nationwide assessment “the Ranking List of the Chinese Literature of Higher Education Institutions” (Wu Shulian).

At present, there are three undergraduate programs in Chinese Language and Literature (one Teacher-Education major and two non-Teacher-Education majors), Chinese Language and Secretarial Science. Chinese Language and Literature (Teacher Education) is among the first group of Jiangsu Provincial Distinctive Major, National Distinctive Major (fostering) (second-grade characteristic major). Chinese Language is Jiangsu Provincial Distinctive Major.Chinese Language and Literature (Teacher Education) is Pilot Project of Comprehensive Reform of Ministry of Education (2012). Specialty of Chinese Language and Literature Major is Jiangsu Provincial Key Discipline (2012). Chinese Language and Literature was selected into the first phase Brand Major Construction Project of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions(2015, A-Grade). “Construction and Practice of Outstanding Chinese Teacher Cultivation System” won the first prize of Jiangsu Teaching Achievement Award (2013). The Exploration and Practice of Three-party Cooperative Cultivation of Outstanding Teachers won the second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award (2014).

School of Chinese Language and Literature began to recruit graduate students in 1979.Being one of the first schools offering graduate programs approved by the State Council, it has three graduate programs in the first-level discipline including Chinese Language and Literature, Artistic Theory and Literature of Drama, Film and Television. It also offers the Ed. M (Chinese) program. In 2008, Chinese Language and Literature became the Key First-level Discipline of Jiangsu. In 2011, “Discipline Group of Language & Cognitive Science and Culture & Art” was evaluated as the first phase project of Provincial Preponderant Discipline in Jiangsu based on Chinese Language and Literature. In 2012, Drama and Media, Artistic Theory were chosen as Key Provincial Disciplines (fostering) of the “12th Five-Year” Plan in Jiangsu. In 2014, the first-level discipline (Chinese Language and Literature) was selected as Second Phase project of Provincial Predominance Discipline in Jiangsu. Besides, Ancient Chinese Literature was provincial key discipline. Chinese Language and Philology was provincial outstanding discipline echelon. Ancient Chinese Literature was provincial outstanding curricula group. Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Oral Chinese for Teachers, Ancient Chinese Literature and Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature were all provincial excellent (quality) Courses. It has 934 undergraduate students, more than 300 postgraduate students and over 100 graduate candidates for Ed. M.

The faculty members of the school are highly acclaimed for their achievements. The school has a faculty of 89 outstanding teachers. Among them, there are 4 doctoral supervisors, 29 professors, 27 associate professors, 52 teachers holding or applying for doctoral degrees (including doctoral candidates). 5 teachers enjoy Special Government Allowances of the State Council. 2 teachers have been awarded national or provincial Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions. One is awarded as provincial Distinguished Teacher of Jiangsu. 14 talents are supported by Jiangsu 333 Talent Program. 14 talents are supported by Jiangsu Young Teachers Training Program. There is a national outstanding teaching team in Chinese Language and Literature. The team of “Study on Chinese Literature and Global Communication of Chinese Culture” was Excellent Innovative Team of Philosophy Social Science in Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions.

Recently, this school has undertaken 37 projects of National Social Science Foundation and nearly 70 ministerial and provincial-level projects, 40 of which have won awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level.

This school aims to foster creative talents with solid foundation, broad vision and specialty. We advocate a high-quality academy-oriented and humanistic campus life. Graduates from this school have been fully affirmed and highly praised by the community due to their profound humanistic quality and solid professional knowledge. They are all equipped with practice capability and social adaptability, being welcomed by companies and institutes. At present, our graduates are the core force of Jiangsu educational field, especially in northern Jiangsu area. Many of them become leaders of key middle schools. Famous experts, scholars and leaders from all-level institutes are our alumni, too.

Based on the idea of “Passing the flame, Renewing Chinese”, all the students and the faculty members of School of Chinese Language and Literature stick to the tradition and innovation during the over 60 years of construction and development, and keep insisting on the indomitable “Spirit of SCLL”. Nowadays, the whole school has been fighting for establishing a high-level and distinctive teaching-researching school. We believe that SCLL will enjoy a better future with the joint effort of all the students and faculty.