Cordyceps militaris capsule and the derivative products


Cordyceps militaris is a well-known medicinal material in China as popular as Cordyceps sinensis, ginsheng, and Velvet Antler, all are valuable Chinese medicines. Traditionally, not only is it appreciated as nutrition supplements because of its special nutritional values, but also is widely used as active ingredient in Chinese traditional medicine. Many pharmacological and clinical trials have proven that Cordyceps militaris is ideal to substitute for Cordyceps sinensis because Cordyceps militaris is equivalently rich in active compounds cordycepin, cordycepic acid, and active polysaccharides. Active polysaccharides in Cordyceps militaris is considered by the medical community to have the ability to boost human immunity. On the other hand, they are believed to support healthy energy in human body and possess therapeutical effects on a number of diseases including chronic bronchitis and pulmonary heart disease. They also protect liver by enhancing the ability to detoxify and the resistance to virus infection and radiation. Cordycepic acid is a basic drug applied to treat cardio-cerebrovascular diseases that has effects on scavenging free radicals, dilating blood vessel, and lowering blood pressure. Cordycepin is a derivative of the nucleoside adenosine, which is able to inhibit platelet aggregation and prevent cardio-cerebral thrombosis. In addition, its anti-ageing ability helps rejuvenize skin and improve skin health. The Cordyceps militaris strains developed in the Key Laboratory of Biotechnology for Medicinal Plants (KLBMP) of Jiangsu Province have higher amount of the active composition and therefore of great economic and medical values. Collaborated with Jiangsu Normal University Biological Science Co. Ltd, a series Cordyceps militaris related health products will be put on the market and provide customers with favorable choice to improve peoples’ health.