Determination of ammonium salt concentration in waste liquor of desulfurization and cyanide removal by HPF process


Coke oven gas is purified by desulfurization and decyanidation, and various ammonium salts in the waste liquid of desulfurization and dehydrogenation of coke oven gas by HPF method are separated and reused one by one. A key step in the process of using this method is the accurate measurement of the ammonium salt content. Currently, manual titration and potentiometric titration are used, and the measurement accuracy is low and the time is long.

Based on laser Raman spectroscopy technology, this project developed a set of ammonium salt concentration detection system. Through the specific Raman peaks corresponding to various ammonium salts, the rapid quantitative measurement of the composition and concentration of ammonium salts is realized. Combined with data acquisition, signal processing, automatic identification and human-computer interaction technology, real-time online intelligent detection of multiple ammonium salts in HPF desulfurization and dehydrogenation waste liquid can be realized at the same time.