Education Informatization Engineering Technology Center of Jiangsu Province


Education Informatization Engineering Technology Center of Jiangsu Province, founded in 2013, is subordinate to Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province and directed by famous expert in education informatization, Prof. ChenLin. Our center has an elite team including one member of MOE Teaching Instruction Committee and two experts of MOE Education Modernization. By far,more than ten decades reports have been made nationwide.

This center, built by Jiangsu Normal University, is the first provincial engineering technology center named by “educationinformatization” through the country. It makes full use of advantages, pays attention to innovation and cooperates with related companies, institutions, JSNU departments and schools, solving major problems and producing education informatization achievements. In a word, it aims to realize information technology revolution and promote education modernization.

In recent 5 years, it hosts 8 national projects on education informatization and published 12 papers in Educational Research. Among those, 5 have been cited oradopted by Xinhua Digest. 12 related works have been published and won 3 prizes above provincial and ministerial level. Wisdom Education Manifesto, mainly created by our canter has become a leading voice from Chinese educators. In terms of international cooperation, we undertook the16th International Forum on Educational Technology and the first International Symposium of Wisdom Education.