Pakistan Study Center of Jiangsu Normal University


Pakistan Study Center ofJiangsu Normal University has been committed to developing itself a research-oriented platform since the beginning of its establishment. Its research field mainlycovers the following:

1. Basic disciplines like Pakistani politics, economy,history, religion, culture andso on.

2. History of special topics in Sino-Pakistan relations.

3. China–Pakistan Economic Corridor and “Belt and Road” initiative.

Now, the Centre has more than 20 research fellows (including part-timeexperts), and 6 senior consultants from International Liaison Department ofCentral Committee of CPC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Educationand People’s Daily. Its research fellows areleading the above research areas, including one major project and one common projectof Philosophy and Social Science Research in Colleges and Universities inJiangsu Province, and one project entrusted by Central Compilation and TranslationBureau (a branch project sponsored by National Social Science Fund). Over 30 papershave been published, with one being fully cited by Social Sciences in China. What’s more, “Pakistani studies” column (irregularly) has been opened in Journal of JiangsuNormal University (philosophy and social science edition), with editionsbeing published.

It is not only an institute, but also a new type of think tank. For example, the Center applies academic studies to national strategies and makes reports on touchy topics or major issues between China and Pakistan. The Center plays an important role in providing suggestions and consultations, about 10 papers have been submitted to Communist Party of China and related government departments via various information channels like People’s Daily.

The Center sticks to global academic exchanges. In 2012, “China and Pakistan Business Forum” initiated and jointly held by JSNU and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. The forum with great reputation has been successfully held for 5 times. In October 2015, an international symposium was held on China–Pakistan Economic Corridor and “Belt and Road”. Speeches at the conference as well as several papers submitted tothe symposium have been summarized to the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and other authorities.

We also cooperate with targeted Pakistani universities and institutes. Now we have established relationship with the University of the Punjab, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan and China Association, Institute of Policy Studies and Institute for strategic studies. Apart from this, we have drafted a plan of academic cooperation between and 2020with COMSTSCIIT and preliminary come to an agreement. Our cooperation mainly involves the following areas:

1. Comparisonbetween Chinese and Pakistani management styles

2. Traditionalcalligraphies and micro paintings of China and Pakistan

3. Culturalsimilarities between China and Pakistan

4. Theway to perfect the soft power of China and Pakistan

We work out a working plan for writing a Report on Pakistani Development(blue paper) after we recruit enough research fellows. We will speed up drafting reports for decision-making and consultation. By doing so, the Center can better meet the national demands and social needs strategically.