Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Advanced Laser Materials and Devices


Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Advanced Laser Materials and Devices, JSNU, is affiliated to Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province. The co-construction units include Suzhou Anjie Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Delphi Laser Co., Ltd. It is founded in August 2013, and Dr. Tang Dingyuan, the leader in the ultrafast laser field, served as director of the laboratory. The key laboratory consists of three research sub platforms and one Analysis and Testing center, with a total of 6000 square meters. The laboratory mainly cooperates with other research fields, such as optical functional ceramic materials and devices, laser crystal materials, infrared glass materials and devices, and mid-infrared laser technology. Through the research and innovation of new laser materials, the laboratory promotes the innovation of laser research and laser application technology, fully realizing the cross fusion of materials science and optical engineering discipline. For establish a complete R & D innovation chain for advanced optical functional materials research, mid infrared laser source development and application, we develop the original applied basic research on the application of advanced optical functional ceramics, laser crystals, infrared glass, optical fiber and mid-infrared laser technology. We have set up an international first-class research platform for laser materials and laser devices, integrating production, education and research. We develop high-power mid-infrared laser devices and equipment with independent intellectual property rights, for providing technical support for the development of mid-infrared laser industry, enhancing the status, comprehensive strength and independent innovation ability of Jiangsu Province in the field of laser technology research and application, while building the laboratory into the cradle of training high-level outstanding scientific and technological talents and a platform for high-level academic exchanges.