The 33rd “Six O’clock Meeting”


On March 21st, the 33rd “Six O’clock Meeting” was held in its practice base. Jiang Nan, Secretary of the Party Committee of JSNU (Jiangsu Normal University)s Institute of Physical Education, communicated with the students on the theme of College Life and Future Development.

Firstly, Jiang Nan asked students a question: Whats the college life in your mind? According to his study and work experience, he suggested students improve their abilities, and maintain an optimistic attitude towards life. Simultaneously, he introduced the current situation and development of JSNUs sports resources to the students in detail. Jiang Nan also encouraged students to go outdoors, engaging in sports to keep their physical and mental health.

Within the question and answer section, Jiang Nan put forward some suggestions as some students were concerned about the employment outlook of normal graduates. He suggested students take the initiative to participate in normal student skills competitions and other activities to enhance their professional competitiveness and employment attractiveness. Regarding the professional development of physical education teachers, Jiang Nan emphasized the particularity of the needs of them. Finally, Jiang Nan took photos with the students.