University Leaders Lead a Delegation to Visit Jiangsu University and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology


From March 21st to 22nd, Fang Zhong, Secretary of the CPC JSNU (Jiangsu Normal University) Committee, and his delegation went to Jiangsu University and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology.

At Jiangsu University, Li Hongbo, Secretary of the CPC JSU (Jiangsu University) Committee, extended a warm welcome to the delegation and briefly introduced the characteristics, development goals and construction results of JSU. Li Hongbo pointed out that JSNU has distinctive characteristics, fruitful achievements, and coordinated development of multiple disciplines. He hoped that the two universities would strengthen exchanges and jointly promote higher-quality development. Fang Zhong said that JSU has a long history, profound cultural heritage, and its overall development is at the forefront of provincial universities. Obviously, JSNU should actively learn from the development experience of it. After the symposium, Fang Zhong and his delegation visited the History Museum of Jiangsu University.

Li Beiqun, Secretary of the CPC NUIST (Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology) Committee, said that JSNU stands out in teacher education and sincerely hopes that the two universities will further strengthen exchanges and establish an in-depth cooperation. Fang Zhong said that the two universities are both high-level universities in Jiangsu and have broad space for cooperation. Before the symposium, Fang Zhong and his delegation also visited scientific research institutions.

The visit provides useful experience in accelerating the construction of a high-level university that is dynamic, efficient, and more open.