The 10th “Jiangsu MPA Forum” - “Public Administration Postgraduate Forum of Jiangsu Normal University” successfully held


On November 14, the 10th “Jiangsu MPA Forum” - “Public Administration Postgraduate Forum of Jiangsu Normal University” hosted by the Organizing Committee of Jiangsu MPA Forum and undertaken by JSNU was successfully held. The theme of this forum is “Public Administration in the Modernization of National Governance: Challenges and Opportunities”. Zhu Ganwei, member of national MPA Steering Committee and Professor of Fudan University, Li Junqing, Professor of Minzu University of China, Shi Xiaoping, Professor of Nanjing Agricultural University, Xie Jiahong, director of the Secretariat of National MPA Steering Committee, Huang Taozhen, President of Jiangsu MPA Association and Dean of School of Public Administration of Hohai University, and other leaders and experts were invited to attend the meeting. Representatives of MPA teachers and students from 17 universities and collegesin Jiangsu province, representatives of Jiangsu MPA Association, and renowned experts and scholars in the field of MPA education attended the forum. Professor Liu Guangdeng, Vice Party Secretary of CPC JSNU Committee and vice President of the JSNU, attended the opening ceremony of the forum.

Atthe opening ceremony, Prof. Liu Guangdeng delivered a welcome speech on behalf of JSNU. He introduced the development history of Jiangsu Normal University and its achievements in recent years, as well as the construction and school-running characteristics of MPA specialty degree authorization center. Yang Zhongmin, director of Nanjing Bureau of Statistics, delivered a speech as the representative of MPA graduate students. Xie Jiahong, director of the Secretariat of National MPA Education Steering Committee, congratulated the opening of the forum on behalf of the National MPA Education Steering Committee, and put forward hopes and suggestions for the developmentof MPA education in Jiangsu province. 

Duringthe report, Professor Zhu Ganwei from Fudan University, Professor Li Junqing from Minzu University of China, Professor Shi Xiaoping from Nanjing Agricultural University, and Director Xie Jiahong from the National MPA Education Commission gave special lectures on the hot topics of national governance mechanism and challenges, the public issues in national construction, the market-oriented allocation reform of land, and the development trend of MPA education in China.

During the forum, the organizing committee of Jiangsu MPA Forum and the representatives of Jiangsu MPA Association held the congress of general election; the new organizing committee and the members of the Association were recommended; and it was confirmed that the 12th “Jiangsu MPA Forum” would be hosted by Nanjing Normal University. This forum is a grand event in the MPA education sector of Jiangsu Province, which has effectively promoted the exchange and cooperation among brother-universities in the province, displayed the achievements of JSNU’s MPA education, and further enhanced the image and influence of JSNU’s MPA education.