“The Charm of Han Dynasty” Successfully Performed in JSNU


On the evening of November 11th, ‘The Charm of Han Dynasty’ by Xuzhou Opera and Dance Theater, a campus development project of elegant art in Jiangsu Province,was performed in Ma Ke Concert Hall of JSNU. Meng Zhaoxue, Standing Member of CPC JSNU Committee and Minister of Publicity Department, Li Xuemei, PartySecretary, Director of Xuzhou Song and Dance Theater, and National First-class Actress, and nearly 500 representatives of teachers and students watched the performance.


The melodrama ‘The Charm of Han Dynasty’ is based on the original large-scale musical dance poem ‘Han Feng Hua Zhang’ and modern musicepic ‘Han Yue Hua Zhang’ created by Xuzhou Performing Arts Group. Through the four sections of ‘Emperor Gaozu ascended the throne, heaven and earth are peaceful, wind rises, and civilization is flourishing’, the drama has recreated for the audience the history of the Han Dynasty, highlighting the profound civilization of 6,000 years in ancient Pengcheng, and reproducing the glory of great Han Dynasty.


Throughout the performance, the wonderful acting skills and colorful costumes of the actors, the stage setting and gorgeous lighting, the ups and downs of the plot and diverse stage form perfectly matched. The performance not only deeply moved and shocked the audience, but also made the audience understand the history of Han Dynasty, appreciate the unique flavor of the ancient charm of the Han Dynasty, feel the cultural energy of the Han Dynasty, and receive the education and edification of beauty.