The 54th Track and Field Sports Meeting of Jiangsu Normal University Successfully Held


On October 22nd to 23rd, the 54th track and field sports meeting of JSNU was held successfully. More than 1,300 athletes from 60 teams competed in 55 sports events.


On the morning of 22nd, a grand opening ceremony was held. Each team entered the stadium in turn, and carried out a wonderful display of sports culture. The athletes were full of vigor and vitality, and the splendid cultural performances showed the professional characteristics and sportsmanship of each school and colleague, as well as the students' national pride and confidence. In particular, the Chinese five-animal exercise performance brought by the teachers and students of Institute of Physical Education highlighted the charm of traditional Chinese culture.


President Zhou Ruguang delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and announced the official opening of the 54th track and field sports meeting of JSNU. In his speech, President Zhou pointed out that school physical education is a basic project to realize the fundamental task of cultivating students with moral integrity and improving students' comprehensive quality. It is also an important work to accelerate the modernization of education and strengthen the country of education and sports. JSNU has always attached great importance to physical education and actively carried out sunshine sports to promote the physical and mental health of teachers and students.


CW Chu College won the first prize in the student group total score of the games. School of Physics and Electronic Engineering won the first place in the faculty group total score of the games. 8 schools and colleagues, including CW Chu College, Business School, School of Life Sciences, School of Fine Arts, School of Mechatronic Engineering, School of Physics and Electronic Engineering, School of Foreign Studies, Academy of Music, won the Spiritual Civilization Prize. Institute of Physical Education, School of Education Science (School of Teacher Education), Academy of Music, School of Chinese Language and Literature won the first prize in sports culture presentation.


The track and field sports meeting closed on the afternoon of 23rd. In the closing ceremony, the chief judge announced the results of the games. President Zhou Ruguang announced the list of winners of the spiritual civilization prize. The teacher in charge of student affairs announced the list of winners of the sports culture presentation award. And school leaders presented medals and trophies to each winning group.


Huang Junwei, the director of the Sports Committee and vice President of JSNU, made the closing speech, congratulating the schools and athletes who had achieved excellent results, and expressing heartfelt thanks to all the athletes, coaches and referees and the staff who have devoted themselves to the games.