Shen Mei and the Delegation of Jiangsu Women’s Federation Visit JSNU’s Chinese Family Culture Research Institute


Recently, Shen Mei, Level I Bureau Rank Official of Jiangsu Women’s Federation and president of Jiangsu Provincial Family Education Research Association, Liu Hongmei, president of Xuzhou Women’s Federation, and vice president Wang Xiaodan did an exchange with JSNU (Jiangsu Normal University)s Chinese Family Culture Research Institute. Lou Zhengrong, a Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC JSNU Committee and Vice President, attended the event.

Professor Chen Yanbin, president of JSNU’s Chinese Family Culture Research Institute, introduced to President Shen Mei and the delegation the achievements and progress in giving suggestions, subject research, social services and academic exchanges since the establishment of the Institute. They also witnessed the achievements in the study of Chinese family culture.

After the visit, the Institute was highly rated for its recent achievements in research on traditional Chinese family precepts, family rituals, family tradition and other family culture, as well as current family education, family and family tradition construction. The delegation especially praised Professor Chen Yanbin’s team for compiling 25 volumes and other great work. Shen believes that the Institute has made outstanding contributions to inheriting and promoting traditional Chinese family culture, assisting family education and family construction as well as the cultivation of family tradition in the new era.

The isomorphic concept of family and country in traditional Chinese culture makes family culture an important part of Chinese culture. In recent years, promoting family tradition has been the central plank of JSNUs plans. It also actively carries out theoretical research and publicity on family culture, and builds a unique family tradition and family precepts culture. JSNU is on the forefront in these areas. The Chinese Family Culture Research Institute is jointly built by Xuzhou Women’s Federation and JSNU. It has become an important platform for cooperation between universities and local governments in the fields of cultural prosperity and innovation as well as social scientific research and practice.