University leaders visit international students staying at school during vacation


Although the weather on Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 15th) was cold and frigid, it was warm and cozy in JSNU’s dinning hall, where a special activity “Making Chinese dumplings, celebrating the Chinese New Year” was being held. Over 80 JSNU teachers and international students, gathering in one room, celebrated the festival through Chinese traditional custom. This was the first Chinese New Year that those 80 international students had ever experienced in Xuzhou. Abundant cultural feasts were arranged by JSNU. President Zhou Ruguang and related leaders from Office of Student Affairs, Logistics Management Office, International Office, InternationalCollege and Logistics Group attended the activity.

Teachers demonstrated the way to make dumplings for international students, turning the dinning hall into a dumpling DIY classroom. “Put the stuffing in the middle and then press the wrapper firmly.” President Zhou taught a student to make a dumpling hand by hand before the counter. Everyone communicated with each other, experiencing profound Chinese traditional catering culture. Later, President Zhou gave steamed dishes of dumplings to every table. International students enjoyed the warmth and happiness of the “big family” with satisfied smiles.

“The meaning of Chinese New Year is ‘reunion’,” a student from Pakistan said that this year was the first time for him to celebrate New Year in Xuzhou, “Although I am far away from my family members, it also feels good to stay with my teachers and classmates.” Another student from Tunisia said:” I have come to China for more than five years. When I was in other schools, no teachers had celebrated the Chinese New Year with us, let alone president, so I am very grateful.” These international students spent the festival with singing and dancing in a happy and peaceful atmosphere.