Professor Xu Fangming


Prof.Xu, born in 1957, comes from Jing Jiang, Jiangsu Province. He used to bepresident and party secretary of

Jiangsu Normal University and member ofStanding Committee of Xuzhou Municipal People’s Congress. Now, he is professorof School of Chinese Language and Literature and dean of Yunlong Academy. Prof.Xu’s additional posts include member of MOE Teaching Steering Committee ofArtistic Theory, vice director of Jiangsu Art Education Committee, vicedirector of National Association of Marxism-Leninism Literary Theory, executivemember of the council of China Society of Chinese and Foreign Art Theories,member of Chinese Confucian Academy, vice chair of Jiangsu Aesthetic societyand vice chair of Jiangsu Association of Media & Art Researches. Besides,Prof. Xu has been invited as the keynote speaker of CCTV program: Lecture Room,public lecture of National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature and NationalExcellent Public Class.

Hehas been mainly engaged in study of Aesthetics, the Theory of Literature &Art and Traditional Culture, undertaking National Social Science Fund KeyProject “The Construction of a National Image in Chinese Contemporary ArtPractice”. His academic works contains GuoMoruo’s Views of Poetry, Studies ofPersonality of Literary Creation, NewDiscussion on Aesthetic Culture, NewVision on Aesthetic Culture, LiYunlong: A Different Hero, AestheticCulture and Image Poetics, ArtisticPresentations of National Image of China and so on. His studyingachievements have won Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science OutstandingAchievement Award for 3 times. Moreover, Prof. Xu has went to the US, German,Malaysia, Taiwan district, Hong Kong and other countries (regions) to givelectures, producing a great academic influence in home and aboard.