Professor Wang Zhibin


Prof. Wang, master supervisor, postdoctor in NanjingNormal University, is mainly engaged in the research on Chinese Literature ofTaiwan District and Overseas, Modern Literature Criticism, and Chinese EthnicLiterature. He is the excellent teacher in QingLan Project in Jiangsu Province,and the core member in philosophy and social science research team.


Chinese Literature of Taiwan District and Overseas

Modern Literature Criticism

Chinese Ethnic Literature

ResearchProjects in recent years

Post Doctoral Research Station, Nanjing NormalUniversity, 2013

Further Education, the University of Hong Kong,National Taiwan University, 2012

PhD, Shandong Normal University, 2008

MA, JSNU, 2003

BA, Huaibei Normal University, 1993

ResearchProjects in recent years

1.NationalSocial Science Youth Fund Project: Ethnic Group Relations and Post War TaiwanDistrict Literature, 2012-2015

2.MOE HumanitySocial Science Youth Fund Project: Study on Modern Taiwan District Ethnic Literature,2010-2013

3.ChinaPostdoctoral Science Foundation Project: Study on Postwar Ethnic Writing of HanNationality Writers in Taiwan District, 2014

4.JiangsuUniversity Philosophy Humanity Social Science Fund Project: Study on theLiterature of Taiwan District Aborigines, 2008-2011


Wang Zhibin, Museof Mountains and Oceans – Study on the Modern Taiwan District EthnicLiterature, China social sciences press, Beijing. 2015.

Honorsand Awards

Candidate ofOutstanding Teacher, Jiangsu University Innovative Project, 2012