Professor Wang Lizeng


Research Interests

Chinese Ancient Music Literature

Literature of Tang and Song Dynasty

Educational Background

PhD, Yangzhou University, 2001

MA, Northwest Normal University, 1998

BA, Lanzhou University of Arts and Science,1996

Research Projects in recent years

1.National Social Science FundYouth Project (¥60,000): Study on the Music Broadcasting of Chinese Ancient PoetryMusic. 2006-2011.

2.Jiangsu DOE Funded Project (¥10,000):Collection of Music Resources of Han, Wei, Jin and the Southern and NorthernDynasties. 2006-2010.

3.Jiangsu DOE Project (¥5,000):Study on Music Spreading of Tang Dynasty. 2005-2009.

4.National Social Science FundProject (¥150,000): Study on the Style of Poetry in Tang Dynasty. 2012-present.

Selected Publications

¨Dong Bing, Wang Lizeng. “Human VoiceSupreme” in Chinese Ancient Vocal Music Theory. Chinese Music. 2013 (2):85-89.

¨Dong Bing, Wang Lizeng. On theChanting Spreading of Poetry in Tang Dynasty. Journal of Xi'an Conservatory of Music.2013, 32 (3):113-118.

¨Wang Lizeng. Music Informationin Lyre Dance of Duke of Zhou and Victory Night of Tsinghua Bamboo Slips. Journalof Xi'an Conservatory of Music. 2015, 34 (3): 48-52.

¨Wang Lizeng. On the Origin ofCi - poetry and Musicians' Favorite Melodies in the Tang Dynasty. AcademicJournal of Zhongzhou. 2016 (3):135-139.

¨Wang Lizeng. On the Study ofYang Shen’s Yue Fu. Journal of Sichuan Normal University (Social SciencesEdition). 2016, 4.

¨Wang Lizeng. On construction ofYue Fu historical materials. Hebei Academic Journal. 2016 (6): 99-104.

¨Wang Lizeng. Study on YuefuPoems Written by Wang Zhenbai - And the Neglected Non-elite Writers on CurrentPoetry History Research. Journal of Nanchang University (Humanities and SocialSciences). 2016, 47 (4):113-118.

¨Wang Lizeng. Digging out PoetryResources, Manifesting Classical Poems’ Nature. The Language Teacher's Friend.2016 (11) :20-23.

¨Wang Lizeng. The Function of ExpressingAspiration of Yue Fu Poetry in Tang Dynasty. Soochow Academic. 2017 (2) :99-106.


2015, Wang Lizeng (Vice Editor), CulturalInterpretation of Yue Fu Poetry in Han & Tang Dynasties, Phoenix PublishingHouse, Nanjing.

Honors and Awards

Candidate of Jiangsu Innovative Project,2006-2009.

Supervisor of Jiangsu UniversityUndergraduates’ Outstanding Thesis, 2012, 2016

Contact Information