Professor Wang Li


Research Interests

Chinese Modern and Contemporary LiteratureStudy

Educational Background

PhD, School of Chinese Language andLiterature, Nanjing Normal University, 2003

MA, School of Chinese Language andLiterature, Soochow University, 1997

BA, School of Chinese Language andLiterature, Nanjing Normal University, 1987

Research Projects in recent years

1.National Social Science FundProject (No. 13ZWB138, ¥200,000): Study on the Influence of Chinese Writers’Immigration on Literature Ecology in the 20th Century. 2013.

2.National Key Bidding Subproject(No. 15ZDB080, ¥60,000): Study on Literal Language Evolution in the 1940s.

Selected Publications

¨Wang Li, Retracing of CommonLiterature and the Change of Mass Aesthetic Taste. Modern Chinese LiteratureStudies, 2012 (6) :93-104

¨Wang Li, Review on ang Hongcheng’s Literature Community of People andMatters. Modern Chinese Literature Studies, 2015, 10

¨Wang Li, Dialects among FourKinds of Knowledge Pedigree. Jiangsu Social Sciences. 2012, (4)

¨Wang Li, On the FictionCreation of Bernard Malamud, Yilin, 2012,4.

¨Wang Li, A Road TowardsHumanity Purification Implied in Images: Sweet Osmanthus in Belated BloomReading in Details. Journal of School of Chinese Language and Culture Nanjing NormalUniversity. 2012, 3

¨Wang Li, Let Readers beTouched, and Also Feel the Pain: On Chen Yingsong’s Novel Creation. Journalof School of Chinese Language and Culture Nanjing Normal University. 2014, (4)

¨Wang Li, On the SpatialSymbolic Influence of Immigration on Xiang Yang’s Shihangji. Forum for Chinese Literatureof theWorld. 2014, 4

¨Wang Li, Multiple Layer TimeMetaphor and Female Bodies Suffering in Ye Wei’s Happy Land. China Book Review,2015, 11


2011, Wang Li, Zhao Shuli and Study onChinese Rural Novels in the 1940s. China social sciences press, Beijing.

2015, Being Honest and Practicing Earnestly:Social Intercourse of Shen Congwen. People’s Publishing House, Beijing.

Honors and Awards

Third Prize, The 8th JiangsuUniversity Philosophy Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards

Contact Information