Professor Wang Chengjun


Research Interests



Educational Background

PostDoctorate, School of Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing University, 2003

PhD,School of Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University, 2000

BA,School of Chinese Language and Literature, JSNU, 1979

Research Projects inrecent years

1.Confessional Narration and FactJustice: Study on Chinese and Western Autobiography Poems. (No. 07SJD750011, ¥10,000)

2.Comparative Study on Western AutobiographyTheory. (No. 11WWB003, ¥30,000)

3.National Social Science FundProject (No. 13BZW018, ¥180,000): Study on the Discourse Mode of WesternAutobiography Theory in the 20th Century.

Selected Publications

¨Wang Chenjun, Text, Literature,Culture – On Autobiography Literature, Foreign Literatures.

¨Wang Chenjun, A Study of Timein Autobiography, Foreign Literature Review, 2002 (2) :74-80

¨Wang Chenjun, Deconstructionand Establishment of Autography Text – On Paul de Man’ Review on Rousseau’s LesConfessions. Foreign Literatures

¨Wang Chenjun, Theories of Truthand Justice: Narrative Ethics of (Auto) biographical Literature, ForeignLiterature Review, 2005 (3) :48-53

¨Wang Chenjun, On the StylisticsValue of Autobiographic Theory Discourse Patterns in the NewAutobiography Contract, Journal of Capital Normal University (SocialSciences Edition), 2015, 2:89-95

¨Wang Chenjun, The Paradigm ofPostmodern Autobiographical Narrative: Textual Self, Present Self, and TrueSelf in Roland Barthes, Contemporary Foreign Literature, 2015, 36(3).152-158


2016, Wang Chengjun, On the Poetic Art ofAutobiography, Xinhua Publishing House, Beijing.

2003, Wang Chengjun, Two Trends of Chineseand Western Narration, Baihuazhou Literature and Art Press, Nanchang.

2011, Wang Chengjun, Study on the Chineseand Western Poetic Art of Autobiography, Beijing Publishing House, Beijing

Honors and Awards

“Two Trends of Chinese and WesternNarration” and “Study on the Chinese and Western Poetic Art of Autobiography”won Third Prize of the 5th and 8th Jiangsu Institutes ofHigher Learning Philosophy Social Science Outstanding Research AchievementAward

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