Professor Tian Chongxue


Research Interests

Theory of Literature and Art

Movies& TV Aesthetics

Educational Background

VisitingScholar of Overseas Chinese Poetry, the University of Cambridge, 2012

Postdoctorate, School of Chinese Language and Literature, Soochow University, 2005

PhD,School of Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University, 1999

BA,School of Chinese Language and Literature, JSNU, 1991

Research Projects inrecent years

Non-governmentalProject: Study on Hu Shi and the Development of Cultural Creative Products

Selected Publications

¨Tian chongxue, Fu shaowu. TheSelf Inquiring of A Solitude Life: On Zhou Mengdie' s Poems, Journal of SchoolChinese Language and Culture Nanjing Normal University, 2011 (4) :15-26

¨Tian chongxue, Fu shaowu. HisHeart of Poem is like ocean and tides – Zheng Chouyu. Forum for Chinese Literatureof the World, 2011 (1) :68-73

¨Tian chongxue, Fu shaowu.Collapsed Stage and Broken Mirror- On the Tragedy Spirit in New Era’s Dramasand Movies. Yuehaifeng, 2011 (1) :64-67.

¨Fu Shaowu, Tian Chongxue. The psychanalysisof the prototype of fools – Taking Guo Jing, Forrest Gump and Xv Sanduo asexamples. Journal of PLA Academy of Arts, 2011 (3) :84-87

¨Tian Chongxue. Looking at theEurope from the Perspective of Mass Culture, Yuehaifeng, 2013,1

¨Tian Chongxue. New Perspectivein Study of Chinese Literature Language in the 20 Century – On Zhang Weizhong’s The Transferring History of ChineseLiterature Language in the 20 Century, Academic Forum of Nandu, 2014 , 34(3)

¨Tian Chongxue. A Historical“Dafu”-on Director Zhang Li’s Historical Play, Journal of Hebei NormalUniversity for Nationalities, 2016 (1) :66-73


2006, Tian Chongxue, Literature andSentiment, China Social Science Publishing House, Beijing

2008, Tian Chongxue, Survivors’ Jiangnan –Communities of Survivors in Chinese Culture History, Academia Press, Shanghai

Honors and Awards

Third Prize, The 3rd ChineseLiterary Association Artistic Comment Award

Second Prize, the 8th China TVGolden Eagle TV Artistic Comment Award

Contact Information