Professor Lin Gang


Research Interests



Educational Background

PhD,School of Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University, 2005

MA,School of Chinese Language and Literature, JSNU, 2000

BA,Department of Management and Secretary, Tianjin University of Commerce, 1992

Research Projects inrecent years

1.National Social Science FundProject (No. 14BYY056, ¥200,000): Comparative Study on the Internet NewsDiscourse from Both Sides of the Taiwan District under New Media Circumstance.(Under study).

2.MOE Humanity Social ScienceResearch Youth Fund Project (No. 10YJC740064, ¥70,000): Study on the InternetNews Discourse and Annotation Corpus, 2008-2011.

3.Jiangsu Social Science FundProject (No. 08YYB003, ¥20,000), 2008-2011

4.“The 13th Five-YearPlan” Jiangsu Institutes of Higher Learning Key Teaching Material Project (No. 2016-2-107,¥20,000): Study on the Theory and Application of the Internet News Language,2016-2017

5.Jiangsu Institutes of HigherLearning Philosophy Social Science Fund Project (No. 05SJD740007): Study on thePragmatics of the Variation in the Internet News Language. 2005-2008.

Selected Publications

¨Lin Gang, On the CohesiveDevices of the Internet News Discourse, Social Sciences Hunan, 2012 (4):232-234.

¨Lin Gang, The SocialStereotypes and Its Mechanism of Value Shift in the Internet News Discourse, PressCircles, 2012 (11) :34-37.

¨Lin Gang, Source of News andthe Subjectivity of the Internet News Discourse, Editors' Friend, 2013 (3):58-60.

¨Lin Gang, On the SubjectiveFactors in the Internet News Discourse, Press Circles, 2014 (13) :42-45

¨Lin Gang, Analysis ofIntertexuality of Catchword Meme in the Internet News Discourse from Both Sidesof the Taiwan Straight,  Press Circles,2015 (13) :53-56

¨Lin Gang, On the Punctuationsin the Titles of the Internet News Discourse, ournal of Language and LiteratureStudies, 2012 (8) :7-9

Lin Gang, Reflections on the Practice of Multimedia Teaching in the Course ofModern Chinese, J. of Jiangsu Normal Uni. ( Educational Sciences Edition), 2013(s2) :59-61

¨Gang Lin, Fangqi An. TheDiachronic Development and Adaptable Interpretation of Internet Language.Modern Linguistics, 2014 , 02 :186-194

¨Lin Gang, Gao Qiong, On theChinese Character“得”(děi), Journal of Hezhou University, 2015(1) :41-46.

¨Lin Gang, Analysis of Net ID inthe Perspective of Social Linguistics, Modern Linguistics, 2015 , 03 :1-11

¨Lin Gang, Practice and Thoughtsof Applying Multimedia Teaching in Pragmatics, Litbraturb Bducation, 2015 (20):46-47

¨LIN Gang, On Verbal Behavior ofInternet News Discourse across the Taiwan Strait:To Take,ZhongshiElectronic Newspaper News Discourse as an Example. Journal of Fujian JiangxiaUniversity, 2016 , 6 (2) :94-99

¨Lin Gang, Employment DiscourseAnalysis from the Perspective of Speech Act Theory, Journal of NanjingXiaozhuang University, 2016 , 32 (4) :67-72


2016, Lin Gang, Study on the Internet NewsDiscourse, Nanjing University Press, Nanjing

2012, Lin Gang, Pragmatic Analysis of theInternet News Language, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing

2017, Lin Gang, Cyberlinguistics, ChinaScience Publishing House, Beijing

Honors and Awards

Second Prize of Excellent Paper, the 4thJiangsu Language and Words Papers, 2003

First Prize of Excellent Paper, the 6thJiangsu Language and Words Papers, 2008

Third Prize, the 9th JiangsuInstitute of Higher Learning Philosophy Social Science Outstanding AchievementAwards, 2014

Outstanding Teaching Award, JSNU, 2015

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