Professor Li Junbiao


Research Interests

History of Chinese Ancient Academy

Chinese Ancient Literature

Educational Background

International Expert, Department ofLiterature, Kyoto University, 2013

Post Doctorate, Department of ChineseLanguage and Literature, Fudan University, 2005

PhD, School of Liberal Arts, NanjingUniversity, 2001

MA, School of Liberal Arts, AHNU, 1998

BA, School of Chinese Language andLiterature, Nanjing Normal University, 1994

Research Projects in recent years

1.National Social Science FundProject. Study on Japanese Edition Academic Works in Song Dynasty.

Selected Publications

¨Li Junbiao. Brief Review onZengbu’s Tune of Prelude to Water Melody. Chinese Traditional Culture Studies. 2008, 22 (3) :79-90


2011, Li Junbiao, Study on Zenggong, ChinaSocial Sciences Press, Beijing.

2012, Selection of Wangwei’ s Poetry,Zhengzhou.

Contact Information