Professor Li Changji


Research Interests

Chinese Ancient Literature

Educational Background

PhD, Chinese Culture Institute, YangzhouUniversity, 1989

Assistant Teacher, MA Advanced Class forChinese Ancient Literature, 1985

BA, Department of Chinese Language andLiterature, Yangzhou University, 1978

Research Projects in recent years

1.National Social Science FundKey Project (No. 11&ZD105, ¥800,000): The History of Chinese Poetry andSongs. 2011-2017.

Selected Publications

¨Li Changji. On the Formation of the Style of the Book of Poetry: From thePerspective of Studies of Cultural Stylistics. Social Sciences in China. 2014(7) :164-184.

¨Li Changji. Evolution of DramaWriting and Its Form - Exploration of Ancient Drama History. TheoreticalStudies in Literature and Art. 2014 , 34 (6) :104-129.

¨Li Changji. Reflection of the Modernity of Chinese Ancient Literature Studies. LiteraryHeritage. 2014 (2) :111-114.

¨Li Changji. Several Issuesabout the Study of “Poetry Transmutation”. Jilin University Journal Social SciencesEdition. 2012 (6) :93-106.

¨Li Changji. The Traditions andRules of Recitation of Ancient Chinese Poetry. Journal of Jiangsu NormalUniversity (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition). 2017 (1) :1-14.


2007, Li Changji,Chinese Ancient Sanqu Poetry, East China Normal University Press, Shanghai.

2007, Li Changji, History of ChineseAncient Qu, East China Normal University Press, Shanghai.

Li Changji, Notes of Liu Yazi PoetrySelection.

1990, Huang Dun, Li Changji, Zhuang Xizu, Calligraphyand Seal Cutting. Higher Education Press, Beijing.

Honors and Awards

Third Prize of Jiangsu Philosophy SocialScience Outstanding Achievement Award, 2016

Excellent Teacher of Jiangsu University,2008

Contact Information