Professor Jiangnan


Research Interests

ModernChinese Rhetoric and Pragmatics

Studyon Chinese Modern Novel Language Rhetoric

Educational Background

MA,School of Chinese Language and Literature, JSNU, 1987

BA,School of Chinese Language and Literature, JSNU, 1978

Research Projects inrecent years

1.MOE Humanity and Social ScienceFund Project (No. 12YJA740029, ¥90,000): Study on New Time Novel Language fromthe Perspective of Deviant Rhetoric.

2.National Social Science FundKey Project (No. 15ZDB080): Evolution History of Chinese Modern andContemporary Literature Language.

Selected Publications

¨Jiang Nan. The Release andPublicity of the Words' Aesthetic Value. Journal of Jiangsu Normal University (Philosophyand Social Sciences Edition), 2012 , 38 (4) :66-71.

¨Jiang Nan. On the RhetoricalConstruction of Comedy Sketch Discourse in CCTV's Spring Festival Gala. Journal of Xuzhou Institute of Technology, 2012, 27 (1) :95-100.

¨Jiang Nan, Han Xueyan. The“textualisation”Rhetoric Strategy and Motivation of the World Cup News Headlines————illustratedby the case of the 19th World Cup. Journal of Fuyang Teachers College (SocialScience Edition), 2012 (4) :14-19.

¨Jiang Nan, Han Xueyan. The "Foregrounding " Rhetoric of Shop Names in Xuzhouin the New Period. Journal of Bijie University, 2012 , 30 (5) :1-7.

¨Jiang Nan. Publication of Studyon Chinese Presupposition by Wang Yueping. Journal of Jiangsu Normal University(Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2012 , 38 (2) :157-157.

¨Jiang Nan. The ParallelPrinciples of Mo Yan's Novels' Language in the ForegroundingRhetorical Strategy. Journal of Jiangsu Normal University (Philosophy andSocial Sciences Edition), 2013 , 39 (5) :55-61.

¨Jiang Nan. Switch and Choice ofDiscourse Roles. Journal of Fuyang Teachers College( Social Science), 2013,6

¨Jiang Nan. Systematical ExplanationInternet News Language – Comment on Monograph Pragmatic Internet News LanguageAnalysis. Journal of Bijie University, 2013, 31(5):11-14.

¨Jiang Nan. On ConcreteDescription Rhetoric and Magical Style in Mo Yan's Fictional Language. Journalof Jiangsu Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2014 ,40 (3) :46-50.

¨Sun Jinfang, Jiang Nan. TheAudio Beauty of Language:A Linguistic Analysis of Mo Yan’s SandalwoodPunishment. Journal of Huaihai Institute of Technology (Social Science Edition).2014 (7) :39-41.

¨Jiang Nan. Level TeachingMethod and Language Interpretation of Contemporary Novels in the New CourseStandard Textbook. Journal of Beihua University (Social Sciences). 2015 , 16(6) :58-63.

¨Jiang Nan. Variation SentencePattern and Variated Rhetoric---On the Study of Rhetorical Effect ofnotA,but Bin the Novel of one Word is Worth Ten Thousand Words. Journal of JiangsuNormal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2016 , 42 (3):81-86

¨Jiang Nan, Zhuang Yuan. TheCauses of Poetic Feature and Rhetorical Style of the Language of Novels by LINBai. Journal of Pingdingshan University, 2016 (6) :47-52

¨Jiang Nan, Yue Dehua. FromMoyan's Novels Foregrounding Language in Howard GoldblattTranslation to Analyse the Difference. Journal of Beihua University (SocialSciences), 2017 , 18 (3) :9-14.


2001, Jiang Nan, Modern Interpretation ofChinese Rhetoric, China University of Mining and Technology Press, Xuzhou

2006, Jiang Nan, Monographic Study onLinguistic Application – Logic and Rhetoric, People’s Daily Press, Beijing

2016, Jiang Nan, Study on New Time NovelLanguage from the Perspective of Deviant Rhetoric, China University of Miningand Technology Press, Xuzhou

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Paper of The 4thJiangsu Language and Words Work, 2003

Third Prize, The 5th Jiangsu DOEPhilosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, 2006

Second Prize, The 9th XuzhouPhilosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, 2010

Second Prize, the 3rd JSNUTeaching Achievement Award, 2011

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