Professor Feng Qian


Research Interests



Educational Background

PhD,School of Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University, 2003

MA,School of Chinese Language and Literature, Central China Normal University,2000

BA,School of Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Normal University, 1980

Research Projects inrecent years

1.MOE Philosophy and SocialScience Project (No. 12YJA752006, ¥90,000): Ethnic Group and Political Right –Study on Bronte from the Perspective of Literary Anthropology, 2012-2016

2.JSNU Teaching & ResearchProject (¥2,000): Study on the Teaching and Learning of Foreign Literature,1998-1999

3.JSNU Social Science Project (¥7,000):Study on Pamuk, 2007-2009

4.JSNU Internet Course Project (¥10,000):Comparative Literature, 2016-2017

Selected Publications

¨Zhang Mengqiu, Feng Qian. UnreliableNarration of Psychopathic Personality- Analysis of Allan Poe's Short Story, The Black Cat. Journalof Suihua University. 2012 (3) :117-119

¨Guo Xianglan, Feng Qian.Between Reality and Concreteness. Journal of Mudanjiang College of Education. 2011(6) :13-14.

¨Li Bing, Feng Qian. Rebirth andDestroy- Feminine Awareness in Qunfangting and Thunderstorm. Journal of HuangheS&T University. 2013 , 15 (1) :105-107.

¨Zhu Zhenglin, Feng Qian. TheImaginary of The Other——Theory of Emily Bronte's Characterization. Journalof Gannan Normal University. 2015 , 36 (1) :83-86.

¨Feng Qian, Lin Xiaowen. InappropriateJane Eyre---An Innocent Interloper. Journal of Jiangsu Normal University(Philosophy and Sciences Edition). 2015 (6) :50-53

¨Zhu Qing, Feng Qian. TheMetaphor of Horrible Image in Jane Eyre. Journal of Jixi University. 2016 , 16(6) :98-100.


English Heather in China: The Influence ofBronte Sister in China

lHonors and Awards

“English Heather in China: The Influence ofBronte Sister in China” won the third prize of Xuzhou Excellent Social ScienceAchievement Award, 2009

Excellent Supervisor of UndergraduateThesis, JSNU, 2006, 2010, 2015, 2016

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