Professor Du Wenxia


Research Interests

ModernChinese Grammar

Figuresof Speech

Educational Background

PhD,School of Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University, 2003

MA,School of Chinese Language and Literature, JSNU, 1998

BA,School of Chinese Language and Literature, Jilin Normal University, 1981

Research Projects inrecent years

1.Jiangsu Social Science FundProject (No. 12YYB003, ¥40,000): Study on the Construction of Modern ChineseBorrowed Words Research Resource Library, 2012-2015

2.Jiangsu Adult Higher EducationExcellent Resource Sharing Course: Modern Chinese Grammar and Figures ofSpeech, 2017

3.JSNU Excellent Resource SharingCourse: Modern Chinese, 2017

lSelected Publications

¨Du Wenxia, Chen Siyu. ZONGTing-hu's Self-Transcendence in Modern Rhetoric Study. Journal of ChuxiongNormal University, 2013 , 28 (8) :25-29.

¨Li Zijuan, Du Wenxia. Whisper,Quiet Song and Gentle Feelings——Talking about the Reiteration of Yian Ci. Journalof Sichuan Vocational and Technical College, 2015 , 25 (6) :61-65.

¨Liu Chen, Du Wenxia.Restricting Factors of V+N Combinition. Xinjiang Radio and TV UniversityJournal, 2015 (4) :46-50.

¨Li Zijuan, Du Wenxia. On theSpecial Expressive Function of “Implication” in Conversation. Journal ofSichuan Vocational and Technical College, 2016 , 26 (1) :69-74.


2012, Du Wenxia, Multi-perspective Study of“V+P+NP”, Jiangsu Education Publishing House, Nanjing

Honors and Awards

Second Prize of Jiangsu Language and WordsWork Outstanding Paper, 1999

Jiangsu Institutes of Higher LearningFirst-class Outstanding Course, 2002

Second Prize of Jiangsu Institutes ofHigher Learning Teaching Achievement Award, 2004

Jiangsu Language and Words Work OutstandingPaper, 2008

Excellent Supervisor of JSNU UndergraduateThesis, 2010, 2014, 2017

Advanced Individual of JSNU “Three Educates”,2010

Grand Prize of Jiangsu Higher Education andTeaching Achievement Award, 2011

The 6th JSNU Excellent Teaching Award, 2013

First Prize of National TeachingAchievement Award, 2014

Second Prize of the 9th JiangsuInstitutes of Higher Learning Philosophy and Social Science ResearchOutstanding Achievement Award, 2014

Advanced Individual, JSNU MeritoriousHeroine, 2014

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