Professor Zhou Weifeng


Prof. Zhou has been engaged in research on literature in Pre-Qin and Han Dynasties. He is now the master supervisor in JSNU.

Research Interests

Literature in Pre-Qin and Han Dynasties

Educational Background

PhD, Chinese Classics Research Institute, Zhejiang University, 2000

MA, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Northeast Normal University, 1994

BA, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Northeast Normal University, 1990

Research Projects in recent years

1. National Social Science Fund Project (No. 15BZW088, ¥200,000): Study on the Relationship  of between Han Dynasty Literature and Chu Culture. 2015-2018.

2. Chinese Post Doctoral Science Fund Project (No. 20090450918, ¥30,000): Study on Guangxi Pre-Tang Dynasty Literature. 2009-2010.

Selected Publications

1. Wei Jia: Advising King Zhuang of Chu through Metaphor of Bird. Chinese Social Sciences Today. 2015.8.7

2. Southeast the Peacock Flies: Cultural Inspection of Marriage Tragedy in Han Dynasty. Chinese Social Sciences Today. 2014.10.17

3. Sadness and Happiness in “Willow shed tear; Snow bends the bough”. Chinese Social Sciences Today. 2014.4.5

4. The Relationship between Chinese Early Poetry and Temple. Chinese Poetry Stuies. 2013 (1):61-69.

5. Study on Wine and Sages. Journal of Ancient Books Collation and Studies. 2014 (1):79-82.

6. Sake and Sage. Chinese Social Sciences Today. 2013.4.19.

7. Analysis on the Phenomenon of Poetry “Prosaicness” in the Age ofHundreds o f Various Schools. Journal of Guangxi Normal University(Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition). 2013, 49 (3):92-95.

8. How Confucius did not partake of wine and dried meat bought in the market. Chinese Social Sciences Today. 2012.10.12

9. On the music aesthetics of meaning of querying “For three months he did not know the taste of meat”. Confucius Studies. 2012,5

10. The Book of Changes•Shi Ke and the Relationship with Duke of Zhou’s prohibition against alcoholic drinks. Journal of Ancient Books Collation and Studies. 2012 (2):69-73

11. On Confucius’ Politeness by Alcoholic Drinking. Social Science Journal. 2012 (2):177-181

12. On Criteria of Chuci and Chuge. Journal of Guangxi Normal University: Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition. 2012 , 48 (1):42-46


1.  South of the Five Ridges Pre-Tang Dynasty Literature Studies. Nanjing: Nanjing University Press, 2016.

2.  Embryology in Songs of Chu Studies. Guilin: Guangxi Normal University Press, 2008.

l Honors and Awards

1. Embryology in Songs of Chu Studies won the third prize of the 11th Social Science Outstanding 2. Achievements of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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