JSNU project approved by Sino-European “Dragon Programme”


The 5th project review of “Dragon Programme”, which is cooperated by Ministry of Science and Technology (MSC) and the European Space Agency (ESA), has been issued recently. JSNU item, “Utilizing Sino-European Earth Observation Data towards Agro-Ecosystem Health Diagnosis and Sustainable Agriculture” (ID 59197), which was led by Associate Professor Liang Liang from School of Geography, Geomatics and Planning, was approved by the committee.

Dragon Programme is the largest international cooperative project between MSC and ESA in the field of Earth Observation (EO). Now it has become the most comprehensive, proactive and renowned international cooperative item in Sino-European remote sense application. The main objective is to lead scientific investigators from Europe and China, addressing the following identified priority themes: Agricultural Monitoring, Flood Monitoring, Forest Mapping, Flood Monitoring, Rice Monitoring, Forest-Fire Monitoring, Oceanography, Terrain Measurement, Seismic Activity, Landslide Monitoring, Air-Quality Monitoring and Forecasting, Chemistry/Climate Change in the Atmosphere, Deriving Forest Information from POLInSAR Data, Drought Monitoring, Water Resources and Hydrology, and Climate and Ocean Systems. The programme was officially launched in March 2004. 2020-2024 is the fifth phase of this programme.

This is the first time for JSNU to achieve this project, which would highly improve our country’s progress in EO technology and application and international recognition of China’s remote sense information application.