JSNU holds the 51th Sports Meeting


From 26th to 27th, October, JiangsuNormalUniversity successfully held the 51th Track & Fields Sports Meeting. Athletes from different schools and departments, in high spirits and with full energy, fought hard under the guidance of “Competing comes after friendship”, carrying forward the spirit of “Higher, Faster and Stronger”.

During the two-day competition, School of Chinese Language and Literature, BusinessSchool and CW Chu College were the Top 3 in students’ team total score. KewenCollege, Affiliated school of JSNU and Community Service Group got the Top 3 in faculty and staff’s team total score. Class 31 of Grade 17, Class 31 of Grade 15 and Class 31 of Grade 16 won the Top 3 in male professional group. Class 31 of Grade 16, Class 12 of Grade 16 and Class 31 of Grade 15 were the Top 3 in Female professional group. Winners of High Morality Prize included KewenCollege, Academy of Music, School of Physics Electronic Engineering, School of Electric  Engineering and Automation, School of Linguistic Science and Arts, School of Teacher Education, School of Chinese  Language and Literature and BusinessSchool.

The Sports Meeting came to a successful close on October 27. Leaders seated on the rostrum awarded medals and certificates to representatives from the prize-winning groups. Vice president Huang Junwei addressed the closing speech, expressing his congratulation to all the athletes who achieved outstanding grades. He said that the vitality and vigor depend on sports to a large extend. It was our hope that everyone of JSNU could feel the happiness in sports and gain fitness in exercise.