JSNU No. 121 in BCUR by ShanghaiRanking


Best Chinese Universities Rankings (BCUR) is released by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy on May 15. Jiangsu Normal University advanced to a brand-new position, ranking No. 121 in the list (No. 154 in 2018, No. 146 in 2019), which fully manifesting our university’s progress on comprehensive strength during the past years.

Best Chinese Universities Rankings (BCUR) aims to provide students, parents and other stakeholders with reliable and comparable information about Chinese universities. Compared with other rankings of Chinese universities, BCUR has a number of distinctive features. First of all, it uses indicators that can represent underlying judgments towards universities by different types of stakeholders such as students, employers, academics and industries. Besides, unlike other Chinese rankings using complicated methodology and dozens of indicators, BCUR employs only 9 key indicators to rank Chinese universities, making the ranking results more relevant, reliable and easy to understand. What’s more, BCUR is committed to be a fully transparent university ranking as it publishes not only the detailed methodology and source of data, but also rawdata of all evaluated indicators, which makes it convenient for users to verifythe results.