Freshmen of International College Attended Enrollment Day


Enrollment Day for freshmen of International College Jiangsu Normal University started on October 9. More than 400 international students from 40 countries would embark on their new journey of overseas study in Jiangsu Normal University.

To ensure that the registration would be carried out in order, International College organized a team that made up of over 20 Chinese and international volunteers. This team provided overall service including meeting freshmen at station, arranging dormitory, helping freshmen register and applying for SIM cards. They not only offered intimate service, but also promoted the friendship between Chinese and international students. On the Enrollment Day, Mr. Zhou Ruguang, president of JSNU and Mrs. Cen Hong, Deputy Secretary of JSNU Committee of CPC showed up to welcome these international freshmen on behalf of JSNU. Leaders proposed specific requirements to staff and volunteers and their expectation that the registration would be finished successfully.