Professor Massarrat Abid of Punjab University is employed as the guest professor of JSNU


     On the afternoon of Sep. 24th,the ceremony of employment of Professor Massarrat Abid was held in School of History Culture and Tourism. President Ren Ping, leaders from department of personnel, Pakistan Research Center, School of History took part in the ceremony. This employment ceremony was hosted by Mr. Sun Hongqi, director of Pakistan Research Center.
President Ren Ping made a speech first. He extended a warm welcome to Professor Massarrat Abid and her families, and briefly introduced the basic information of JSNU. President Ren Ping pointed out that the coming of Professor Massarrat Abid not only started our cooperation with Punjab University but also accelerated the work of Pakistan Research Center of JSNU. He hoped the communication of two universities would be strengthened, and then he awarded Professor Massarrat Abid with the job offer of JSNU.
     Professor Abid expressed her gratitude to the warm reception and employment of JSNU, and she was willing to contribute to JSNU.
     After the ceremony of employment, an academic exchange discussion between Professor Abid (with her families) and teachers and students of School of History was carried out.

     Professor Massarrat Abid is the director of Pakistan Research Center of Punjab University which has the longest history in Pakistan, Doctor of History of University of Leeds, guest professor of many universities in UK and Germany, doctoral supervisor and committee of National Commission on Higher Education of Pakistan. As a famous scholar of Pakistan, Professor Abid had many great achievements in fields like history and culture of Pakistan, India-Pakistan relations, politics in South Asian region, and International relations. She has published more than 10 books, more than 40 academic papers, and hosted more than 50 times International academic conferences.