The Deputy Head of Xinbei District in Changzhou Comes to JSNU to Carry out Promotion Meeting of Teachers Recruitment Plan for Fresh Graduates


On November 15, Chen Jiansheng, the deputy head of Xinbei District in Changzhou and his delegation came to our university to carry out the promotion meeting of teachers recruitment plan for fresh graduates. The deputy secretary of the CPC JSNU Committee and vice president Liu Guangdeng, chiefs of Department of Student Affairs and related departments of Xinbei District, heads of middle and high schools and representatives of 2023 graduates of our university attended the meetingIt was hosted by Chen Jiansheng.

Chen Jiansheng extended thanks to Jiangsu Normal University for the talent support it has been providing for the development of Changzhou and Xinbei District. He pointed out that in the past five years, a total of 1,877 graduates from JSNU have been working in Changzhou. Currently, 385 teachers are working in Xinbei District, accounting for 6% of the total. This has left JSNU ranking in the forefront of the normal universities which provides graduates for Changzhous education career. In 2022, the Plan provides 366 teacher preparations for 6 normal universities directly under the Ministry of Education and 8 local normal universities including our university to select and engage graduates with bachelor degree or above. Chen Jiansheng issued an invitation to graduates from JSNU to work in Xinbei District in Changzhou.

Liu Guangdeng introduced the development of our university in recent years as well as the situation and majors of the 2023 graduates. He noted that Changzhou, as an important city in the Yangtze River Delta region, is the main market for graduates employment. Our university has been in frequent and close communication with Changzhou education, human resources system and key enterprises. The promotion of the Plan led by Mr. Chen this time reflected their high recognition of JSNUs students of teachers-making education and the desire for excellent talents. The employment department of our university was required to provide quality recruitment services and promotion of new talents policies of Changzhou. He hoped that the two sides would contact each other frequently and strengthen cooperation. Liu Guangdeng also urged the 2023 graduates to correctly understand current employment situation, enhance initiative in employment, make careful preparations for teacher recruitment and get ready to devote themselves to education career in Xinbei District with excellent performance. He emphasized that they should inherit the spirit of JSNU, be a Master with real learning and win honour for our university.

Zhang Huafeng, director of Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Changzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, introduced the requirements, process and other arrangements for the Plan. Wang Tiantian, an alumnus of the class of 2008 in Preschool Education, spoke as a representative of schools.

Later, schools had face-to-face communication with job-seeking students. The recruitment plan which covers Chinese, Mathematics, English, Biology and Chemistry and other subjects, received undiluted enthusiasm.