JSNU Undertakes 2022 “Tin Ka Ping Cup” Teaching Skills Competition for Full-time Professional Degree of the Masters of Education in Primary School Education


From Nov. 3rdto 6th, the final of 2022 “Tin Ka Ping Cup” teaching skills competition for full-time professional degree of the masters of education in primary school education was held in our university. A total of 408 competitors from 86 domestic colleges and universities applied for the competition, and 207 of them entered the final round after the preliminary. Totally, 24 subject specialists from Central China Normal University, Northeast Normal University, Capital Normal University, Nanjing Normal University etc. and teaching experts from the front line were the judges of the preliminary. Likewise, 36 subject specialists and teaching experts judged the final. The competition was guided and supervised by the expert committee and the expert group.

The competition was the only state-level teaching skills competition for masters of education recognized by the National Data Platform for Higher Education Quality Monitoring. It aimed to further strengthen the practical ability of professional masters of education and promote mutual exchange, learning and development among universities. Consequently, excellent teachers with noble teaching ethics, advanced teaching concepts and solid teaching skills would be cultivated. In the competition, the teaching procedures of competitors and the evaluation of their performance were conducted online. Simultaneously, their opponents did the same thing. The competitors drew their order numbers and topics online, made PowerPoint presentations. Two cameras from different angles would record their performance one hour in advance on the competition day. After entering the Tencent Meeting Rooms, they began to have a lesson without students. The competitors and the expert judges entered different rooms after inputting IDs provided by the organizer. The whole processes of competitions were recorded by two cameras to ensure the fairness and transparency of the event.

Our university attached great importance to the competition. In order to ensure its success, the university held a special coordinating meeting for the organization and set up an organizing committee consists of chiefs from the presidents office, publicity department, graduate school, financial affairs office, information department, the logistics management office, the teaching resource guarantee center and school of education science. The related functional departments conducted multiple tests and simulation on the basic guarantee of the competition, and trained teachers and student volunteers professionally. In the final, more than 30 teachers and volunteers participated in the organization and service assurance.

Two awards were set for the finalists and the outstanding instructors and the certificates were provided by Tin Ka Ping Foundation. The list of winners would be released after the jurys assessment and the expert committees review.