Good News Came from the 20th Games of Jiangsu Province, JSNU's Athletes Interpreted Sports Spirit with Struggle


From August 7th to 16th, (Mens Group A-A) football matches for university students of the 20th Games of Jiangsu Province was held in Hohai University. Led by the team leader, Li Chuanyi, and two coaches, Song Baotong and Zhang Tao, 20 players of JSNU men’s football team won the sixth place. From August 13th to 16th, the table tennis competitions for university students was held in Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. Seven athletes of our university who led by the team leader, Li Gang, and two coaches, Zhang Yong and Liu Ling Hong, won the third place in mens teams group matches, the second place in mens singles, the third place in mixed doubles and the third place in mens doubles.

Recently, the most scorching weather in 60 years has struck Nanjing. In men’s football matches, several players on the field were sent to hospital due to sizzling heat of 40°C and nearly 70°C surface temperatureHowever, those players volunteered to come back after treatment. They demonstrated the spirits of striving for the glory of our university, selfless dedication, solidarity and cooperation, and taking the bull by the horns. At the same time, they perfectly interpreted Chinese sportsanship with youth and endeavor.