The 32nd Top Ten Singer Competition of JSNU


On the evening of December 6, the final of“China Mobile Cup” the 32nd Top Ten Singer Competition of JSNU washeld at Gymnasium on Quanshan Campus. Professor Qian Jin, members of thestanding committee of the university and vice president, as well as directorsof related departments attended the activity and awarded the winners. Judgeswere national first-level actor Liu Zheng, Chief Officer of Xuzhou Radio FM105Gao Jing, Director of the Department of Music CUMT Liu Zhen, Xu Zhou TV StationMusic Director Lin Fei, Dean of Academy of Music JSNU Miao Yu and etc.

After the fierce selecting competition, therewere 21 groups from 14 schools entered the final and brought an excellentperformance for all the audience. In the end, Top Ten Singers were chosen.

In order to improve the participation andstudents’ acquisition, this session made some innovation by pre-competitionsurvey. The organizer held someopen concert and selection competition, making the number of the attendantscreated a new high. Through voting, more and more singers had the opportunitiesto come to the stage. With the help of the Office of Information Constructionand Management, we succeed to realizing a live broadcast on mobile app.